Prior to the Electricity Market Law with the reference number 4628, electricity produced by the State, was also transported to the subscribers / established by the State, by means of transmission / distribution lines.

By the Electricity Market Law with the reference number 4628, electricity energy wholesale companies are also able to provide electricity energy from private power generation companies, other wholesale companies by making bilateral agreements and able to provide from Open Market which is leading by Market Financial Settlement Center (PMUM). PMUM is responsible for balancing and settling the electricity energy market.

Companies are able to market this discount electricity energy to eligible consumers either power generation companies or through wholesale companies by means of bilateral agreements. Within this context, consuming of discount electricity energy provided will not only decrease the invoice amount of the energy cost, but it will also decrease the amount of the taxes which are calculated according to this amount. If the eligible consumers prefer to procure energy, the existing transmission and distribution lines will not change and since the processes to be executed are within the nature of the agreement and application, the processes to be done during the change of the supplier will not require any structural changes. As the result, only the production source of supplied electricity energy will change other transmission and distribution infrastructure will remain the same.

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