Climate change with global warming have remarkable negative impacts on canlı living conditions  and economy. According to of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2007 the reasons of global warming are increasing emission of greenhouse gas and increasing sea water temperature. From this point of view many countries took an action in order to reduce the greenhouse emissions. The most comprehensive action in this context is Kyoto Protochol which is opened for signature in 1997. Kyoto Protocol offers some technical and economical mechanisms in order to help countries to filfull their responsibilities about emission reduction.  In the framework of this relationship Kyoto Protocol created a carbon market which has been rapidly grown in a short term period.

Carbon market is divided in two seperate segments: “ Voluntary Carbon Market” and “Mandatory Carbon Market”. Since Turkey does not enter into an obligation within the scope of Kyoto Protocol, projects can be registered to certified standarts. In this way Turkey takes place in the scope of  voluntary carbon market. Environmentally-conscious companies which have high emissions, certificate  their emission reduction in another low emission project. As a summary, voluntary carbon market is an economical relationship between those two type of companies.

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