Fossil fuels are natural energy sources such as coal, petroleum and natural gas which include hydrocarbons. Fossil fuels formed by natural processes such as anaerobic decomposition of buried dead organisms. They have an extensive usage range in industrial field.

Considering energy efficiency and also emission reduction natural gas is most preferred fossil energy source. Installed capacity efficiency increased up to % 60,75 with the aid of developed high technology gas turbines. Additionally, comparing carbon emissission values of  termal power plants and natural gas power plants, emission values are % 50 - % 70 less in natural gas power plants.

Basinc working principle of a combined cycle power plant can shortly explained as follow. Mixture of natural gas and air burned in combustion room before turbine inlet. Burned and expanded gas starts to turn turbine blades. Kinetic energy converted into electric power via generator on the same shaft.

In the second cycle , exhaust gas with a temperature 550°C in gas turbine outlet sent to boilers.  Waste heat is used for steam generation which will be used in steam turbine. Kinetic energy of that steam converted into electric power for  the second time by using a generator on the same shaft.

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